Members of the public interacting with Vannpaviljong
Stromso Square, Drammen
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On 5th May 2008 I won a major international sculpture competition for an artwork incorporating water to occupy a new square in the town of Drammen, near Oslo, in Norway.

The jury, comprising professional artists, the donors and members of the town council, unanimously chose my proposal from a short list of five that comprised artists from the United States, Germany, Norway and Britain.

'Vannpaviljong' is visible and eye-catching from afar and is something with which the public can interact. It is not a building but is something that one can enter and pass through, experiencing and enjoying the various effects from both inside and out.

There is rollwaving water on the outside of the mirror-polished stainless steel walls, and curtains of jetted water. On the top a double skinned transparent dome contains lively water activity with programmed LED lighting.

Its unveiling formed part of a ceremony celebrating the transformation of Stromso Square on 18th June 2011.

Work in progess

Design and concept

Stromso square in Drammen

22nd January 2008

sketch of sculpture footprint

3rd March 2008

orginal sketch for water sculpture

3rd March 2008

image of water rollwaves on mirror polished stainless steel

3rd March 2008

curtain of water jets

3rd March 2008


full maquete of Vannpaviljong

1st April 2008

full maquete of Vannpaviljong

1st April 2008

1st April 2008

double dome featured in blue

1st April 2008

double dome featured in various colours

1st April 2008



24th February 2010

the testing of the jets for the water fountain

11th November 2010

a view of the site at the beginning of the installation

3rd December 2010

Aerial view of Stromso square

3rd December 2010

A site visit in decmber 2010

3rd December 2010

The completion of the scuplture in the english workshop

25th January 2011

The team installing the base of the structure in Stromso square

10th May 2011

a view of Vannpavilijong at the end of the installation

10th May 2011

Completion and launch

Members of the public discover the new water sculpture

29th September 2011


Vannpaviljong unveiling ceremony

Vannpaviljong assembly with commentary May 2011

Vannpaviljong assembly time lapse in May 2011