William Pye Water Scupture

Major makeover at King's Cross, London

A new 8.5 metre sculpture is now in King's Cross on the same site that my first major commission appeared over thirty years ago.

I returned to the site of Nat West's former offices on Pentonville Road - now The Blackstone Group's independent student accommodation hall 'Nido' - on 22 April to witness the installation of the new 'KX200' sculpture. The new sculpture is made entirely of stainless steel, dispensing with the brick plinths previously used in the 1970s. The installation has been secured by cables attached to large stainless steel 'sails'.

Revisiting this piece and being given the opportunity to revise, resite and improve it has been a very exciting process. There are always things one would have liked to have done better, and with thirty years of experience behind me I have had the chance to make a significant and improved contribution to a very exciting development.

Photography by Douglas Atfield.