William Pye Water Scupture


Alchemilla is a plant that has the characteristic of holding water within its leaves and is to be seen in profusion around the garden areas of the All England Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon.

I have aimed to meet the terms of the brief which called for an abstract water sculpture that symbolises or celebrates 'tennis in an English garden setting'.

Accuracy, precision and precariousness are all aspects of this work which also characterise much of what we experience watching tennis, where the capriciousness and unpredictability of weather conditions vie with the skill and fitness of the player.

Alchemilla was unveiled by the Duke of Kent on 27th June 2016, the first day of the Championships.

For more information or to commission a similar piece, please send a request through the contact page on this website.

  • Alchemilla in ice and snow, 1st March 2018

Concept development

  • Identification of the site
  • The site seen from Court 18
  • Setting out water and electricity
  • The finalised shape for the sculpture
  • Establishing the spout measurements after experiments



  • Clay is molded onto the spout mock-up
  • Checking the water flow
  • The finalised clay shape for the spouts
  • The bronze casting upside down
  • Start of building works
  • Laying out the plumbing
  • The sculpture delivered and precisely levelled