William Pye Water Scupture

Antony Cone

This geometric water sculpture was commissioned by the National Trust, with the enthusiastic support of the Carew Poles, whose family have lived at Antony since 1432 and whose ancestors built the house in 1721.

A huge topiary cone of clipped yew is a unique and dominant feature of the Garden at Antony House, and it is this image that inspired the form of the water sculpture for the West lawn.

The bronze cone is made to the same proportions as the tree. The stone paving design, which incorporates two anamorphic projections, extends the overall composition to the outer limits of the lawn: when the cone is viewed from the West door of the house or from the top of a small flight of steps, the edges of the stone paving align precisely with the sides of the cone, and appear to converge at its tip.

For more information or to commission a similar piece, please send a request through the contact page on this website.

  • Viewing the anamorphic projection