William Pye Water Scupture


This was a landmark Millennium project for the regenerated Bristol Harbourside. A number of distinct features characterise Aquarena: reflective water terraces, jets, waterfalls and water walls.

At the entrance of the square at the Northeast corner a shimmering wall of water curves in an embracing arc, momentarily masking the view beyond. Through a gap in this wall are the water terraces on each side and the expanse of the square beyond.

Counterbalancing the water wall, the Canyon is at the North end, two prism-shaped monoliths in mirror polished stainless steel over which water flows in rollwaves. People can just pass through without being drenched.

Every hour on the hour two rows of jets create two 'vaults' and a circle of sixteen laminar jets form a dome structure in the centre.

When required for special events, one of the terraces can be drained to create a circular stage where the performers are surrounded by water.

  • General view
  • The jets come alive on the hour
  • View through the gap in the water wall
  • Entrance to the square through the water wall
  • Close up on the bronze edged terraces
  • The jets performing on the hour
  • View from the Canyon end


  • The architects' maquette for the regeneration of the area


  • Laying the foundations for Aquarena
  • General view of the square before construction