William Pye Water Scupture


This piece is a development of my rollwave series, its shape taking its inspiration from Greek history, where the footprint of the sculpture suggests the profile of an attic helmet.  This shape has been extruded to form an eight metre high monolith.

The spectacular site on the slopes of Mount Parnitha overlooks Athens.  The Acropolis is clearly visible in the distance with the Aegean beyond.  On a clear day the mountains of the Peloponese can be seen poking above the horizon.

When approaching the site by car, one will have only perceived a vertical abstract shape with water flowing over its vertical surfaces.  However, the image of a helmet will become discernable when looking down from above while ascending in the cable car; and even then it may only be recognised by observant and curious cable car riders. 

Other work using the rollwave effect

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  • In 2013, image courtesy of G. Papoutsoglou
  • In 2013, image courtesy of G. Papoutsoglou
  • The rollwave effect
  • The Attic helmet shape
  • View over Athens from the cable car

Concept development

  • Drawing for a shape in the form of an Attic helmet


  • The helmet profile in stainless steel
  • Progress in the workshop
  • Polishing to a mirror finish
  • Complete assembly before despatch
  • Some of the pipework for the sculpture
  • Loading for the long trip by road to Greece
  • Loading up

Completion and launch

  • The sculpture in place on site
  • Getting a bird's eye view
  • Water turned on, landscaping finished