William Pye Water Scupture

Bramfield Hall

The site is on ground that rises from a terrace at the back of the house at an angle of 3 degrees, or 2 metres over a distance of 20 metres. Garden designer Xa Tollemache had designed a rill to run down the centre of her garden plan, ending in a pool at the bottom, and I was invited to create a water sculpture for this pool. This was to be based upon my Tavola series.

There were also two smaller locations on the way up to the top for me to consider. It also became clear to everyone that the concept needed a piece to symbolise and celebrate the source of the rill. Consequently, my contribution to this project comprises four pieces to complement the rill:  'Source', two 'Downpours' and 'Tavola'.


Material: cast and fabricated bronze

Concept development

  • The site
  • Garden plan


  • The work at Benson-Sedgwick Engineering
  • Building works in the garden

Completion and launch

  • 'Source' ready to be patinated
  • Delivery of 'Small Downpour'
  • Installation of the first three pieces