William Pye Water Scupture


The setting is a covered square at 123 Buckingham Palace Road, London, a cathedral-like space over 100 feet high, with a glazed roof.

From a ring suspended high up among the roof trusses, hang 120 stainless steel cables set around the ring's circumference at every 3 degrees. The cables stetch down through the space and from them is hung a stainless steel bowl over 6 metres in diameter, hovering 3 metres above the floor.

As light catches the fine cables, held taught by the weight of the bowl, one perceives a vast ethereal cylinder in the space defined by the cables.

Jets of water rise and fall in the bowl and water cascades down to ground level from an aperture in the bottom of the bowl, where it flows over a green bronze apron.

The Sultan Hassan Mosque in Cairo suggested the direction I should take in the design. There a multitude of lamps hang low within a huge vault, suspended on chains which are attached to the roof of the vault, their great length emphasising the loftiness of the space, by the simplest of means.

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  • Chalice overall view