William Pye Water Scupture


When I made my first trip to Greece in 1960, the first sight of the Parthenon could not have made a greater impression, as did Poseidon in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, and later in Delphi the Charioteer standing in his stillness - another human being from a distant age here with us today. So the piece I call 'Charioteer' is directly related to the original bronze sculpture at Delphi. My aim was to capture the most arresting qualities of this great sculpture as the basis for what I was working on, the vertical folds of the chiton that hang around the slender body suggesting a fluted column, in contrast to the more dynamic form expressed in the upper body. It can also suggest a fluted column supporting a Corinthian capital.

With its influences both ancient and contemporary this is for me a significant piece.

  • Charioteer sculpture in Delphi
  • Small Charioteer