William Pye Water Scupture

Coanda III

This piece takes its name from Henri Coanda who has been called the father of fluid dynamics. He was particularly intrigued by the way fluids cling to surfaces. This came to be called the Coanda effect, here demonstrated on an overhanging surface where the water is allowed to spill over the edge of a bowl and cling to its underside, converging towards the central trunk.

It is fabricated from cast, spun and rolled stainless steel with a mirror polish finish. This example is in a private garden in Wandsworth, South London. See a video of the Coanda series here

Other work in the Coanda series here

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Concept development

  • The site for a water sculpture
  • The final design


  • The dish is ready to be welded onto the stem
  • The piece has been completed in the workshop

Completion and launch

  • The installation
  • The installation
  • Final fixings after adjusting the water flow