William Pye Water Scupture


I was approached by Len Green, the Head of Art at Millfield school, with a view to undertaking a major sculpture for the new dining hall. The Governors commissioned me to develop designs in collaboration with David Kent Architects. The sculpture had to span two storeys.

The form of a cornucopia - the horn of plenty - was taken as a flat image and extruded to create its three-dimensional form. This is a monolith enlivened with water skimming over the mirror-polished stainless steel in roll-wave patterns. As the building may be entered at first floor level or ground floor level, the sculpture can be encountered on the first floor as a crescent shaped brimming pool, or from below as walls of water. The walls themselves are variously flat, concave, convex, offering a variety of reflections and reflected light.

Millfield has a tradition of commissioning sculpture, and Cornucopia was the latest addition to their collection.

Other work using the rollwave effect

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