William Pye Water Scupture

Dorney Court Tavola

For the courtyard at Dorney Court, one of England's finest Tudor Manor houses, a square version of 'Tavola' has been set into the landscaped terrace close to the Coach House Barn, which is used for weddings and events.

The water from the four spouts disappears into holes cut into York stone tiles.

Tavola series

See a video of a Tavola here

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Concept development

  • The chosen site in the courtyard
  • Final design for the site


  • Site model
  • Site model
  • Site model


  • An underground reservoir is created in the courtyard
  • Manufacture of sheet bronze element ready for addition of spouts
  • First water test with cast bronze spouts in position
  • The sculpture and stainless steel support in place
  • Ready for the stone surround to be installed
  • Spout detail
  • Delivery of the York stone paving
  • The stone paving in place ready for holes to be drilled

Completion and launch

  • Marking the spot for drilling through the stone
  • Drilling the holes
  • Completion