William Pye Water Scupture


I have never been to Jaipur in India, but I have always been fascinated by images of the giant astrological instruments at the Jantar Mantar observatory there. These images have certainly contributed towards the formation of this and other sculptures.

The light, flexible and tensile nature of stainless steel cable contrasts dramatically with the heavy, inert quality of fired clay which I cast into these forms evocative of architecture or a rugged landscape.

Anamorphism is the name given to an image which only appears correct from one viewpoint. Equinox bears an anamorphic projection of a circle which is only visible as such from one position. The shape suggests a shadow or eclipse. The cables could be interpreted as shafts of sunlight, or symbolic of the movement of sunlight around the Earth during the hours of daylight.

  • Orientation showing the anamorphic shape