William Pye Water Scupture

Fonthill Tavola

For the circular pool in the garden of the Fonthill Estate in Wiltshire I made a new version of my 'Tavola' series, where vessels are filled to a precisely levelled brim. Previous versions have been square or rectangular, with a spout on each corner. Here the existing circular pool called for a hexagonal shape with six spouts.

The expanse of water at the top is still and reflective. The spouts have been modelled so that the water falls in smooth arcs that hold together. Deflector cups placed under the falling water give some animation to the pool surface.

Materials: bronze and stainless steel

Tavola series

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  • Fonthill Tavola

Concept development

  • The existing circular pool with small central jet
  • General view with the old pool
  • Preparing to dismantle the old central plinth
  • Hexagonal design to fit in the round pool
  • Hexagonal design with six spouts
  • The drawing to scale
  • Colour rendering of the design


  • Early stage of modelling the spout shape
  • Final touches to the spout shape
  • Water testing of the spout model
  • The spout shape ready for six bronze castings
  • The sculpture being constructed at the fabricators
  • The sculpture being constructed at the fabricators

Completion and launch

  • The official opening