William Pye Water Scupture


Four spouts, shaped like petals or succulent leaves, deliver smooth ropes of water that fall into precisely positioned holes in a stone decking.  The stone decking is supported over a below ground stainless steel reservoir tank.

In still conditions these spouts, developed through empirical testing and precise modelling, can deliver a smooth laminar flow that appears frozen, glass-like, belying the volume of flow constantly passing through them.

This piece can be seen as a distant descendant of 'Charioteer' which I made in 1964, directly inspired by the Charioteer at Delphi (Aurige).

Like 'Charioteer', this piece is a standing figure, but it can also suggest a fluted column supporting a Corinthian capital. Shape, reflection and moving water combine to animate the whole into something more organic - a tropical plant or exotic tree.

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  • Hydrodendron
  • Hydrodendron