William Pye Water Scupture

Ripple Wall

Ripple Wall was inspired by the screens I saw at the Great Japan Exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1981. This is one of several pieces I made from brick clay which I collected from West Hoathly in Sussex. I made large tiles which I built onto a plywood substructure.

In 2011 South Hill Park asked me to restore the sculpture as the timber substructure had deteriorated. This was done by fixing perforated stainless steel panels to the back, which were then rendered. The silver ripple lines were repainted and the sheet lead reinstated.

Other large fired clay pieces: Equinox and Brick Buoy

Concept development

  • The design explained


  • In 2010 the sculpture needs renovation
  • View from the back before renovation
  • Fixing perforated stainless steel panels to the back
  • The back now rendered

Completion and launch

  • The sheet lead is reinstated
  • The silver lines are repainted