William Pye Water Scupture


For some time I had been attracted by the idea of making a water sculpture that one could walk through and virtually become part of. When I was invited to propose a piece to replace an Edwardian pond that occupied this site I immediately recognised the opportunity this offered to realise the idea. This has meant effectively having three autonomous pieces, related but separated from each other.

The bronze vessels are full to the brim and the surface looks still in spite of the water constantly falling down shap-edged weirs in the centre.

For more information or to commission a similar piece, please send a request through the contact page on this website.

  • Close-up of the weir

Concept development

  • The original Edwardian fountain to be replaced
  • The original Edwardian fountain
  • Sketches for the bronze sculpture


  • Bronze maquette
  • Bronze maquette


  • Bending the bronze sheets
  • Cutting the bronze sheets
  • One of the pieces being assembled
  • Fabrication is completed
  • Each piece is water tested before delivery
  • The stainless steel base to go below ground
  • The stainless steel base

Completion and launch

  • Planning the work to be done on the old pond area
  • The waterproofed reservoir
  • Craning in the three pieces
  • The sculptor carrying out the installation
  • Brick laying around the work