Seaham Hall Hotel

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Woolbeding House, Sussex

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Salisbury Cathedral Font

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(Water Pavilion) Norway

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A vortex in a dish

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at Clinton Lodge, Sussex

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Charybdis II

in Muscat, Oman

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Book cover for William Pye: his work and his words

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William Pye: his work and his words

This book covers the whole of his creative career, from childhood to the Royal College of Art in the mid sixties, his post-student days up to the early eighties, and his work post-1984, up to the present, with water as an integral and essential element of his sculptures.

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Swish Dish continues my series of vortex pieces. An Air core vortex is generated within a circular stainless steel dish. The water level rises and falls within the dish in a cyclic programme of water activity. As the level drops the water seems to take on a life of it's own, increasingly rocking and swaying as it's volume diminishes.

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